Small Hours by Philip Butler

Small Hours by Philip Butler

£10.00 - £16.00

Inspired by the 1977 John Martyn song of the same name - a brooding nocturnal soundscape recorded across a lake at 3 a.m. - Small Hours is a collection of photographs produced to document the peaceful cinematic atmosphere that isolated points of artificial light create after the sun has set.

"Streetlights, often sodium based with a strong orange hue, cast a warming ethereal glow over their surroundings. Shadows formed by objects blocking the light create textures and patterns unseen during daylight hours. Other sources of white light from street furniture, phone boxes or illuminated signage become welcome markers in the sea of black, while coloured tones from traffic lights, retail displays or dazzling petrol station canopies enlarge the spectrum of highlights from purely orange, black and white."

Cover Buckrum wrapped, screen printed with image insert.
60pp hardback book on 170gsm paper.
HUV printed.
Stitched binding.
216mm x 216mm.
Limited to 300 copies.
We're also offering 50 'collectors edition' copies - signed book with signed 5x7 C-type print of an image not included in the book.

Published: November 2020

Small Hours by Philip Butler Image 2 Small Hours by Philip Butler Image 3 Small Hours by Philip Butler Image 4 Small Hours by Philip Butler Image 5
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