Goodnight Wuhan by Matt J. Neale

Goodnight Wuhan by Matt J. Neale

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In 2016 Welsh photographer Matt J. Neale moved to Wuhan, China to experience life in a culture completely different to his home in Newport. Over the next four years he developed a deep passion for street and cityscape photography, especially after dark. Goodnight Wuhan collects together some of Matt’s striking work captured during this period.

“With a population of over 10 million, this is truly a city that never sleeps. A significant shift in atmosphere and mood occurs when darkness begins to drape itself over the skyline. This is partly due to Wuhan being one of China’s ‘three furnace cities’ referring to the especially hot and overbearingly humid summer weather, which drives the majority of socialising and business outside at night, when temperatures are more bearable.

Wuhan’s night was visually alluring, I often found myself walking aimlessly, attracted and distracted by the mind-boggling amount of stuff to look at. From ancient temples to slick, modern high-rises, bankers in suits to humble street food entrepreneurs, Wuhan has it all. “

First edition run of 100 hand numbered copies.
260mm x 200mm.
56 pages cover to cover, perfect bound.
170 gsm silk paper, 300 gsm cover with matt laminate.
Published: May 15th 2021.

Goodnight Wuhan by Matt J. Neale Image 2 Goodnight Wuhan by Matt J. Neale Image 3 Goodnight Wuhan by Matt J. Neale Image 4 Goodnight Wuhan by Matt J. Neale Image 5
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